UI/UX, Interactive, Identity Design, and social media, 2017-2018.
Languages: English and Arabic.
Developed by Vaya team


About the project:

Vaya is an online marketplace for silver, gold, Jewelry, watches and luxury Items, aiming to cover the Saudi market and Gulf countries.


Visual design, Brand Identity, UI Design, Supporting front End, Social Media design.

The Problem

Creating a visual identity for the brand and an online shopping experience for both (Desktop and mobile)


  • Designing the visual identity to refelct the brand’s Image. The visual identity represents simplicity “Less is more”, sophistication and luxury.
  • Designing an online shop which allows the user to browse through products, buy, return, and measure their size to ensure that the product meets the costumer’s specifications.

Visual Identity.

Packaging and Collateral



This phase focuses on creating a comfortable, flexible and satisfying user-interface based on UX research.

Design Principles: 

  • Creating and setting the visual identity and brand to emulate what the products are all about.
  • Maintaining key design elements from Vaya’s visual identity and brand guidelines.
  • Designing an empathetic, modern, user-friendly desktop and mobile interfaces with clear and easy navigation.

High Fidelity Wireframes


  • Simplicity
  • Arabic and English Versions. 
  • Luxury
  • Hi-Res product images 
  • Flexibility
  • Customer help and care
  • Search
  • Product filters
  • Jewelry size guide (allows customers to measure and choose accurate sizing or customize their size)
  • Blog 
  • individual designer page (supporting local jewelry designers)
  • Newsletter
  • Color scheme on brand
  • Weekly to bi-weekly product updates

Social Media