The Final

Motion projections.
p5.js, Openprocessing, Adobe Ae.

Heavy metal as a methodology
of design, Riffing on Design,
MFA Graphic Design Thesis, 2021.

These projections are a part of a series of projects I started working on during my last semester as an MFA student. My thesis explores heavy metal music as a methodology of design, and focuses on using the theortical traits of the genre’s sound to approach graphic design. One of the elements I was exploring is “distortion.” I was experimenting with a lot of p5.js music visualizers and sketching with openprocessing, to visualize the sound of heavy metal. If heavy metal distorted musical instruments to generate a new sound, what if I distorted the popular belief around heavy metal and its sound and presented the beauty of its sound?
I asked myself that question, then began my quest to transfrom heavy metal and its chaotic nature to these projections.

“Sometimes chaos creates beauty”