#Quaranzine is a project created over the summer of 2020 to kick start the new semester. The entire MFA of graphic design were divided into groups to collaborate on a project that seeks to create a community through design. My group and I decided to collect data on things we did during quarantine and create individual zines, combined into a collaborative zine publication. We were a group of 8 different individuals, so it was nice to get to know each other and meet every week to discuss our progress while bonding over something we were all passionate about—graphic design. My zine’s theme was “Quaranzine,” and the mood I set here was “feeling blue.”  

—Details. #Quaranzine, (5.8x8.3 in) printed zine, Summer 2020 project, MFA Pen Pal. Quaranzine is a zine collaboration project that ultimately seeks to create a community through design.