Peer Biography

Data Portraits

Mahnoor is a Graphic Designer who was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1995. During her time growing up, she has established many friendships, but eventually met both Aliya and Tahira while she was doing her undergrad. Misha However is her oldest best friend, a friend she grew up with and knew since grade 3.   After she graduated from college in Pakistan, she started working for a chocolate company where she did many packaging related projects. She describes her experience working there as a fun experience, where she learned a lot about the craft. She eventually started thinking about graduate school to further her education, and In 2019 Mahnoor decided to take the next step in her life, by leaving her loved ones behind and travelling abroad to pursue her dream of attaining a master’s degree. Her main goals and aspirations at the moment, is to finish graduate school, while enjoying every moment life has to offer during this stage of her life. Although Mahnoor tends to describe herself as “Shy,” her shyness has never stopped her from pushing forward to achieve her dreams. She is slowly but surely, heading towards her goals and will eventually get there one day.
—Design Specifications:
  • (24X36 in) poster.
  • (5x5 in) data portraits.

The prompt for this project was to research a classmate of mine and talk with them to create a poster representing them as a person and then curate a questionnaire that we both can use to generate data portraits based on our answers.