To highlight the individual journey and create a collaborative experience, the branding concept invited each individual in the MFA programs to engage with and help evolve the overall branding through the use of a drawn line. We invited every MFA student to use any medium or style, to create  a line on the printed posters to customize the branding. Each program had a specific color, blue for sculpture, red for painting, and green for graphic design, to indicate the program, but they all worked together cohesively.

The created line represents life’s journey as well as the BU MFA journey, a period of exploration, where all of us are intertwined for a short, but influential, two years. 

Accompanying the line is a simple but clear typographic system providing the details of the event and the names of the individuals whose journeys collided at BU. We selected New Hero as the typeface, a reinterpretation of Futura with a richer, modern feel - it’s analogy to us as artists, referencing the past, but ready to create the future.

The symbols ground us with simple forms representing our physical studios at BU. The contrast of the geometric typeface and basic shapes contrasted with the path of the human hand provide the story of the individual defined by the collective.

In this way the branding will be cohesive yet unique, identifiable and interactive, and reflect the nature of the individuals that will be a part of the 2021 MFA Exhibition.