25x25 Type

The rules for this project was to come up with a theme that connects these 25 experiments, in my case both philosophy and texture were a part of my theme. Within this set of experiments, we were required to create the following:
  • Poster A0 or larger
  • Projection
  • Typographic System
  • Booklet
  • Sign or Signage

—Details. 8 different (11x17in) posters based on some philosophical concepts.
  • (5x5in) booklet on virtue according to Plato, Aristorle and Kant.
  • A0 poster— Misery Good vs. Evil as a projection.
  • Status as a typographic system.
  • Rebellion as a signage.

Materials: Threads, pins, paint, tape, Deco foil, ink, cardboard, acrylic, wood, foam, and wires.